Upcoming events

Heidelberg, Germany
Thursday, Νοεμβρίου 2 2017, 15:00- 18:00

I have had the pleasure to be invited (again) to conduct a workshop at  Mentales Stärken 2017 (Mental Strength Congress) in Heidelberg. Workshop title and description follow. You can learn more about the Congress by visiting their site here.

Revisiting the Past, Previewing the Future: How to achieve success by utilizing the past and exploring the future through relaxation based methods

Hypnosis experts know the importance of utilizing the past and previewing the future to achieved desired outcomes. Although hypnosis may add to the effectiveness of an approach, it is not a prerequisite. Positive results using the same process can be used with relaxation based and focusing methods. This workshop will cover the process of using the past and the future in order to establish clear goals, master and rehearse new skills, change behavioural and cognitive patterns, connect with one’s strengths and develop the necessary resources to achieve personal success. Participants will go through a three-step process with the use of real-life examples, demonstrations and the opportunity to practice what is covered during the workshop. Simple relaxation methods will also be presented along with practice guidelines on how το minimize risks that may accompany experiential approaches.