Short bio

Andrew Armatas was born and raised in Sydney and has been based in Greece since 2000.

As a psychologist, coach and author, he holds postgraduate degrees in psychology and hypnosis from the University of Hartford (US) and the University of Sheffield (UK), respectively.

Andrew’s background experience includes brief therapy, employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and corporate mental health. He acts as a principal advisor & scientific editor to one of the largest publishing companies in the country and has also authored three books, receiving Ibby’s best-emerging author in 2013. He serves as an advisor to the National Network of Workplace Health Promotion and the National Institute of Social & Preventive Medicine.

Andrew is a frequent conference presenter and holds memberships to professional bodies including the International Society for Coaching Psychology (Founder member & Associate Fellow), the International Society of Hypnosis, the International Positive Psychology Association (charter member), the British Society of Clinical & Academic Hypnosis (accredited member) and the Association for Coaching.

He is regarded as an international authority on coaching hypnosis (a term he coined and published the first article in the field) and the various applications of mental training and hypnosis in coaching & work contexts.

He is the owner of Execufront -a global training & coaching provider – and works with a wide range of organizations and individuals. He travels internationally as a trainer, workshop leader, and expert speaker. He has, thus far, delivered to countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, UK, Romania, Bahrain, and Iran.