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My experiece and expertise

Welcome and thanks for visiting. I was born and raised in Australia but after a personal journey that included the US and the UK, I eventually settled down in Greece. This is from where I depart when I travel overseas (unless delivering online).

I’m an executive coach and practicing psychologist with a background experience in brief counselling, employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and corporate mental health. I studied psychology, receiving my Master’s degree from the University of Hartford (U.S) and a second post-graduate degree in the applications of hypnosis from the University of Sheffield (UK) – became one the first group of experts with a postgraduate specialization in hypnosis internationally.

My expertise lies in coaching hypnosis, mental training and related practices. I coined the term ‘coaching hypnosis’ and published the first paper on the subject in 2009. My ‘untraditional’ expertise and brief-oriented approach eventually became an asset which I bring to my professional workshops and services. Feel free to scroll down for a brief overview of my experience.

► Associate Editor at Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice.

► Founder member and Associate Fellow of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.

► Guest Lecturer at the Master’s Programme in Health Promotion & Education, Athens Medical School.

► Scientific associate & trainer to Athens Medical School -Centre for Health Services Research.

► Scientific advisor to the National Network of Workplace Health Promotion.

► Head and co-creator of first health coaching e-course exclusively for health professionals at the University of Athens.

► Served as a best practices assessor and as an external assessor to coaching students before being awarded their degree.

► Planned the disaster management programme for the Athens Olympic Games 2004 and coordinated an international
coaching hypnosis project for global employees.

► Charter Member of the International Positive Psychology Association.

► Developed and managed one of the nation’s first employee assistance programmes as well as the delivery of EU-funded
corporate group coaching services (when moved to Greece, coaching was in its infancy). The format has since been
adopted by many companies carrying out similar projects whereas the client-company was listed among the Top 20
Best Workplaces for the very first time.

► Former lecturer at The American College of Greece. Former head of employee assistance programmes at Ergonomia, SA.
► Member (voting) of the International Society of Hypnosis.

► Member of the Association for Coaching.

►Accredited member of the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis.

► Owner of performance and well-being consultancy. Spanning 25+ years serving professionals from diverse settings
including the retail and bank sector, telecommunications and IT staff, hospital and hotel personnel, call centre staff, self-
defence and personal trainers security professionals, educational personnel as well as non-professionals.

► Award winning author and speaker. Delivered internationally to countries such as England, Romania, Australia, Greece,
Germany, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Bahrain and Iran.


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